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Let us help you unlock the full potential of your salesforce.

The tool your salesforce needs to build solutions for your customers.

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Are you selling a wide range of products and services?

How do you maintain and support the knowledge of your salesforce?

You can accelerate the speed to competency of your salesforce with solbuild.

Provide your products, services and current offers in a simple sales enablement workflow that will rapidly grow your sales conversion rate.

Trusted by business.

solbuild is an exceptional product and your team have already provided excellent support for us. It's been extremely useful for both our staff and customers.

Matthew Tarone
Telstra Store Kadina

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We are solbuild.

solbuild is the leading provider of sales enablement software to the telecommunications industry.

Our guided sales flow makes complex sales conversations simple, presenting a full range of available products and services to your business and consumer customers including:

  • Mobile plans
  • Mobile devices
  • Accessories
  • Home bundle and entertainment solutions
  • Business bundle offerings
  • Bespoke business services and plans
  • Custom services and plans

Enabling both business to consumer, and business to business conversations, solbuild places every possible combination for your customers into the hands of your sales team empowering them to build solutions for customers in minutes.

solbuild is flexible, transparent and provides clarity for both the salesperson and the customer, supporting an excellent customer experience.


Talk to us about integrating with your point of sales system to unlock insights for your team including:

  • Stock availability
  • Sales conversation rates
  • Daily sales results
  • Digital signatures

And much more!

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Realise the full potential of your salesforce. Are you ready?